Baby #6 is Here

Our 6th child, Seth, was born on April 5th. He was 6 lbs 12 ounces. I had a homebirth with this one like I did with our 5th child. We now have 5 boys and 1 girl. My poor daughter has no sisters.

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Now Offering More Scholarships

I have been amazed at the response i’ve received so far from those who need scholarships to The Niche Blogger. There are quite a few families who have a very legitimate need for one, who are in desperate financial situations who would otherwise not able to join and get back up on their feet financially.

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Just Recently Moved

I haven’t been posting much lately because I have been moving for the past week. I moved into a rental home that is about $300 less per month than our previous place. This should help me save some money to pay off my debt much faster. Read more »

Running For Political Office?

Am I really running for president? Watch the video to find out…

You got to watch the video to understand. ;)

Spring Cleaning My Life

April is the month of renewal and spring cleaning. I am not only doing this in my home, but also in my business, finances and other aspects of my life.

I have been working this month on moving all my eBay links from Commission Junction to the new eBay Partner Network. It has been very long and tedious, but I have been able to go through each site and optimize it and “spring clean” it a bit. Read more »

My Kids and I This Morning

We took this picture at the computer this morning. Gotta love kids.

My NEW Header Is Up

I just put up my new header. I would love to know all your opinions on it. The woman on the left is meant to represent being under the burden of debt (that is what the ball and chain is) and the woman on the right is debt free and making money online. Read more »

I Got The Flu

I have a terrible flu today so am not being very productive. My mother thinks it is because I have been pushing myself and working to much, I tend to agree with her. Read more »