My Debt Free Goal Recap

I started this blog in May 2007, so a little over two years ago. I was pregnant at the time and very worried about our financial situation. The $72,900 of debt that was sitting on our shoulders was taking a huge toll on my physical and emotional health.

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I Did It! I am Now DEBT FREE!

My goal was to be debt free by April 2009, but I beat my own goal! Today I just sent off my very last debt payment of $2,420.68 to the last credit card I will ever have. Good bye American Express!

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I Have Paid off $60,000 in Debt Since May 2007 By Making Money Online!

I cannot believe it. In May 2007 I started off with $72,900 worth of debt and now I am down to $11,518.34! That is over $60k paid off! My goal was to pay it all off by April 2009 and to be honest with you I think I may reach my goal even sooner.

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How to Pay Off Debt and Still Have a Life

Too often we think we cannot have a life if we are working on paying off our debt. The trick is take the family out to do really cheap or better yet, free activities. Read more »

Debit Cards vs Credit Cards

There is quite a bit of debate surrounding debt vs credit cards. If you have ever tried to rent a car without a credit card they will tell you it can’t be done. Read more »

Simple Twist Of Fate

I was thinking last night how much my life is guided by God as opposed to just myself. Being in debt and working to pay it off has been very difficult. There are times I wish I would never have gotten into debt, but I must tell you, this trial has changed my life. Read more »

Debt Is Slavery

The whole reason I started this blog in the first place was to motivate both myself and anyone who came across it to get out of debt and realize that no matter how far in debt you are, you can get out.

I cannot tell you how much lost sleep I have had over my debt. Debt is like a trap, it is so easy to walk into it and it is so dang hard to get out of it. Read more »

Do You Have An I Love Debt Score?

This is one area where Dave Ramsey completely changed the way I viewed my credit score. Your FICO score does not say how smart you are with money. Instead, it is nothing more than a “I Love Debt” score. It is all based on how much debt you have, what types of debt you have, how much debt you have had in the past and how many debt payments you have made. Read more »

Half Way Point

The first year of my debt free goal is officially completed. I have one year left to get completely out of debt and I must say, I am excited for the challenge.

I have $51,322 of debt left. I really believe I can pay it all off by April 2009 if I keep working hard and shoveling all of the income above our bare minimum expenses at it.

I was watching Dave Ramsey on television a few nights ago and he said to pay off our debt like our lives depended on it. Read more »

Lets Get Serious About Getting Out of Debt!

I have a project I have been creating on the side that I am really excited about. It is called Debt Free Weirdos and it is a community for people who are working to become debt free and live a debt free life.

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