Focusing More on My Seekyt Income Stream

Sometimes I just feel like writing a random article that has nothing to do with my other blogs. Not every topic is worthy of an entire blog and sometimes I only have a fleeting interest in something. This is a great opportunity to post that article on a revenue sharing website.

I have pretty much stalled with Hubpages, I don’t add anything new there anymore. I am just not very impressed with the results. I have enough articles on Infobarrel and I wanted to branch out some.

I did add some articles to Seekyt last year and then didn’t really continue with it as consistently as I should have. I noticed while looking in my Adsense account that Seekyt was actually performing quite well for me.  I earned almost $8 in the past 2 weeks and I only had 3 articles! This gave me a new motivation to post some more articles on there to build up yet another passive income stream.

I LOVE have many different streams of income. What I especially love about niche blogging is that every single blog is its own income source, I cannot lump all my blogs together because they are all so different in their own markets and topics.

I have found revenue sharing sites like Infobarrel, Hubpages and Seekyt to be a good place to get a feel for a niche. If I have a couple of articles on a topic there and they perform well, I know I should probably look into expanding that opportunity into a niche blog of its own.

If you want an easy way to get started in building up your own income and you aren’t quite ready to dive into blogging, I highly recommend you start off with a revenue sharing site. Seekyt is a great choice because it is so easy to use. You can write about any topic you wish (as long as it is not offensive) and you only need to write approximately 350-400 words per article. While you get to keep 100% of earnings with your own blogs, Seekyt comes in pretty close by allowing you to have 70% of the income from the content you contribute.

This just goes to show that there is really no excuse not to build your passive business. Revenue sharing sites are FREE to use and you can post what you want, when you want. You are truly your own boss.

Remember, that it still takes a month or two to start seeing results from your efforts. Just post an article or two a day for a few months and you’ll see money starting to trickle into your Adsense and Amazon accounts. Once you get that ball rolling it is easier and easier to keep increasing your monthly income until you get to the point that you can actually quit your job and switch to blogging and internet marketing full time. It is not as hard or intimidating as you think!

Start with writing sites like Seekyt and once you are ready to take things to the next level and build your income into a true online business empire, join The Niche Blogger.

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  1. cameron on February 8th, 2012

    I started writing on Seekyt last summer and it was so much fun, I have been building up articles related to jobs and education and the site is so much easier to use than Hubpages. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have not written as much as I would like so maybe now I will start contributing more.

  2. Louida on February 15th, 2012

    I have been using Hubpages for quite awhile and only made $50 payout with them once. But it is a great way to get backlinks to my blog and also Hubpages is easier to use. Thanks for this article and information, I need to look into the other programs you mention.

  3. xekeno on April 27th, 2012

    I took up your trial offer for the $1 first month =) Looks good so far.