How to Pay Off Debt and Still Have a Life

Too often we think we cannot have a life if we are working on paying off our debt. The trick is take the family out to do really cheap or better yet, free activities.

There is no price on quality family time. You could go to a park and fly kites, have a picnic or just sit down together and play a board game.

A few years ago, I thought that we had to spend money to have any fun. I have really opened my eyes to the joys of living a simple life. We don’t buy any fancy clothes… we drive a 2003 vehicle… we hardly ever go out to eat, but we are happy to be together.

I gotta tell you, it feels good to know your visa credit cards don’t have to be your ticket to happniess. So pack a lunch and spend some time with your kids. Not shopping, but having some free high quality fun time together. That’s what I plan to today myself.

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  1. Debt Free Hispanic on September 3rd, 2008

    I read in a book that another free thing couples can do is go to open houses together and get ideas for decorating or remodeling. No credit card required to do that.

  2. Debt Cures on September 3rd, 2008


    Yes, you can have a fun time and not spend a lot of money. Matinee movies are fun when the kids get off of school early. Museums also offer special nights where kids get in free. Living frugal does not mean you cannot have fun anymore.



  3. Clefty on September 8th, 2008

    Another chunk of $$$ paid off. You only need like $3,000 per month for the next 7 months to make your 2 year deadline. I’m pretty sure you can do that easily ;)

  4. admin on September 9th, 2008

    Clefty – Yep, I can do it. :)

  5. Mike Murphy on September 11th, 2008

    Amy, I love your site. Sometimes the free things to do are the best. I took my 3 year old daughter to the park tonight and it was great fun.

    Congrats on your debt free status (early but I’m confident you’ll pull it off)

  6. lickety on October 23rd, 2008

    Love your site – and great to see your personal goals! I’m in a similar position and will be coming back here for sure!

  7. Noteworthy Tips on November 13th, 2008

    I live the simple life because I cannot afford it otherwise….yet. :) I do look forward to buying new clothes, or taking my son to “The Jungle” (it’s a kid’s play facility with slides and obstacle courses to run through) whenever I feel like it. Right now we have to be frugal and sadly it has been all that my son has known. Since I have had him, I’ve never really had extra money to do anything fun. But I am looking forward to not having debt and having just a bit extra for those special occasional treats. :)

    I totally have respect for doing things as a family that are free and yes; money can’t buy happiness. :)

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  9. LANA on November 22nd, 2008

    Kids don’t care if the activity cost anything as long as they are stimulated, and with people they like. The park is also a big favorite here, as well as free playgroup on Saturdays and free museum time on Thursday evenings (if you live near an urban area, call the museums to see if they offer free admission times). Good Luck on being debt free!

  10. Mena on January 1st, 2009

    Great Post! I can so relate!