Simple Twist Of Fate

I was thinking last night how much my life is guided by God as opposed to just myself. Being in debt and working to pay it off has been very difficult. There are times I wish I would never have gotten into debt, but I must tell you, this trial has changed my life. Read more »

Find the Best Affiliate Programs for your Website

Guest Blog Post About Affiliate Programs: Read more »

Using Google Tools To Improve Your Efficiency

Here is a guest post from my friend Richard Adams:

In this post I’d like to take a few minutes just to outline 4 Google tools that I have started using that have really made my life a lot easier. Read more »

Debt Is Slavery

The whole reason I started this blog in the first place was to motivate both myself and anyone who came across it to get out of debt and realize that no matter how far in debt you are, you can get out.

I cannot tell you how much lost sleep I have had over my debt. Debt is like a trap, it is so easy to walk into it and it is so dang hard to get out of it. Read more »

Let Me Build Your Niche Sites For You – Round 1

Want to get into internet marketing and bring in a passive income but just don’t have the time or know-how to get your own niche sites up and running?

I make most of my income passively off my niche websites. I love it because once I put them out there, they make me money constantly without me having to do any more work. It is truly passive income. Read more »

Interest Rates Are Getting Crazy

How can people get out of debt while the credit card companies charge 24.99% or more? It is crazy. I was looking at this Bank Rate Credit Card Calculator and calculated that a $5,000 credit card debt at 24% will cost you dearly.

Paying $125 a month it will take you 586 months to be rid of your debt. In that time, you will pay $18,812.72 in interest. Read more »