My New Home On WordPress

Well I am officially set up on wordpress now. It took me all day so far to get it up and running right. The header is temporary, I know it really does not fit with my theme. I am actually having a graphics guy create a header for me and am still waiting on it to be completed. Read more »


I am moving my blog over from blogger to wordpress. Things should be back up as normal by Wednesday. :)

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OK I Am Going To Take The Plunge

Alright, I decided to work up the courage to switch over to my own wordpress blog. If things get really messed up for the next couple of days please bear with me. I have never done this before and cannot guarantee a smooth transition, but I will get it up and working right asap. :)

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Thinking About Moving My Debt Free Goal To WordPress

I have never moved from a blogger blog to a wordpress blog before. Anyone have any experience with this? I would just rather this blog be on my own hosting instead of being on blogger hosting.

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Ironic Page Rank

I thought it was pretty funny that my main blog got a page rank of 1 while my CashCrate review got a page rank of 2. Read more »

Niche Websites 101

Since there are probably quite a few newcomers to this blog and I have been getting a lot of questions on Niche Websites, I wanted to point you to a past post that I wrote on the subject that may help clear things up a bit for you. Read more »

October 2007 Online Earnings

I hit the $4,000 mark last month, but almost a thousand of it was from a WSO I ran. So this month I wont have that as an earnings boost. I think I am going to shoot for the stars here and try and make $4,000 on my own without any WSOs. Wish me luck, I am going to be VERY busy this month to meet that goal. Read more »

Online Website Income Growth

I have been building websites like crazy and wanted to know if I was actually getting anywhere with it. So I calculated what my passive niche website income was each month from May – September and saw some promising results- Read more »

October 2007 Online Diary

Just organizing all the posts for this month into one post for easy reference. Read more »

Article Marketing 101 – $5 Ebook

I got a new ebook available for everyone for a $5 debt payoff donation. I use article marketing to promote all of my websites. If you have ever had questions about article marketing or want a very clear (32 page) explanation then this is a really great guide. Read more »

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