It Is The Last Day of The Month

We all go through new year resolutions in December/January of each year, but really, why not do some new month resolutions? Read more »

That Post I Did On Yuwie

The post I did on Yuwie was my first sponsored post ever and it will be my last. This person contacted me excited about Yuwie and said she would pay me $50 sign up for Yuwie under her and write a review about it on my blog so she can get more referrals under her. So she sent me $50 via PayPal and I complied. In fact, I wrote the review the same day and placed it here on my blog. Read more »

Are You Just ‘Thinking’ About Making Money Online?

The question you need to ask yourself is… Am I just ‘thinking’ about making money online or am I actually going out and taking the ACTION to make money?

This happens to a lot of people and I used to think about things way too long before doing anything myself. It is what is known as analysis paralysis. You try and absorb all the information you can and want to find the ‘perfect’ way to make money. Read more »

I Hit Platinum on EzineArticles

Finally, after over 100 articles submitted to EzineArticles I just discovered this in my email –

Hi Amy,

You have now earned our “PLATINUM” membership level. This is a status that
can not be bought and can only be earned by sending in quality articles.
Only a small fraction of our thousands of authors ever obtain this level. Read more »

Working on Articles

I have spent most of my day on article marketing. It is how I get 99% of the traffic to my websites so it needs to be taken seriously. I will admit, I have been quite lazy when it comes to article submissions this entire month and have only submitted to two article directories. Read more »

Made a New Niche Website With My Mac

Well I made my first niche website with my Mac and it was a fantastic experience. I used RapidWeaver, which made my website creation incredibly easy and high quality. Read more »

My iMac Arrived!

I am here now on my brand new iMac. This is the first time I have ever used a mac computer so it is going to take me a little while to get used to the new interface. Read more »

Have You Discovered Yuwie?

Now I don’t talk about very many program on my blog unless I really think there could be some real potential in them.

I came across a free site that is like myspace and facebook, except it pays you for your participation. I have never been fond of myspace, I found it way too confusing. Read more »

Setting Up Adword Campaigns

I have never gotten into Adwords in the past. I had always simply relied on Article Marketing for traffic to my niche websites, but I wanted to try out Adwords. I set a low daily budget so I wont end up spending too much. Read more »

Internet Marketing Study Time

Since I am in limbo while waiting for my new computer before tackling my big project I decided now would be the best time to catch up on the Internet Marketing ebooks sitting on my hard drive. Surprisingly, some of them I have never even read! Read more »

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