Signed up with Share A Sale

The Share A Sale affiliate program has a ton of different advertisers and programs to earn money from. Since I am making websites in many different niches it is nice to have more than just Commission Junction to look for advertisers and products. Read more »

Changing my Ebook Plans

After doing more research into the niche I was going to use for my ebook I decided that it wouldn’t be as profitable as I thought. I now need to find a new niche to write an ebook about. Read more »

My CashCrate Check for $1,855.84

I went out to my mailbox this morning and
got my biggest CashCrate check yet. The one I got last month was for a little over $1,500 and this month it was $1,855.84 Read more »

Getting Organized and New Ideas

I realized that the way I have been conducting my online earning ventures has been very unorganized. Sure, I have a to do list, but I had no clue if I was making any progress for my efforts.

So I made a database for each of my niche websites to keep track of the number of articles I have written and submitted for each one. Read more »

Site number 7 In The Bag

I finished website # 7. Well, almost. I have a few more pages of articles ready to go on it, but wanted to get them approved by Associated Content before throwing them on my site since I submitted my articles there as well. Read more »

Squeeze Them Articles Dry

I decided to dedicate my day to articles.

I wrote and then spun 10 articles on jetspinner then started my article submissions. Read more »

Very Productive Day

I am very happy about all that I was able to accomplish today. Let me see if I can explain it without confusing myself.

I worked on some pages for niche website #5, which really isn’t the best niche, but I bought the domain last month without doing much of any research on keywords so I decided I had better put the domain to use. Read more »

Constant Content

I decided to list the articles I am writing on Constant Content as well so that I can get some extra revenue from them.

I can list my article on there as non-exclusive and get around $5-$10 from each article from there and I am already going to be selling my articles to associated content so that is like $10-$15 for every article I write. Read more »

Want To Write Your Own Ebook?

I was taught how to write an ebook from being a member of Earn 1k A Day. One of the benefits of being a member is getting free access to a lot of really expensive and very informative ebooks.

I was very blessed to get an ebook called “Create Your Own Killer Product in 5 EasySteps.” Read more »

Done with project 4

Since I am done with my 4th niche website and am currently article blasting it. I have spent the entire day writing articles and researching for my next project. Read more »

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